Very professional, friendly staff. Answered all of my questions and took really good care of me. Concerned with my comfort. Great cleaning experience with less pain than I have ever experienced with other appointments. Thanks see you next time. Bruce

-Bruce Ferrario

Dr. Kuramoto treated myself (haven’t been to the dentist in 3 years), my husband (hadn’t been to the dentist in a year) and also our 2 year old for his first visit. She’s very gentle, which is soothing, and she explained everything she was doing so I felt comfortable. Her office is bright and clean and her staff is extremely friendly. In the car ride home, my son told me he wanted to go back to the dentist tomorrow! I will recommend Dr. Kuramoto to all my friends and their families, because having a dentist you can trust, who is nurturing and thorough, and can treat your entire family (toddlers included!), is hard to find.

-Annie Schreiner

Dr. Ogawa did a great job explaining what he was working on and made you feel very comfortable. He is a personable doctor and I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a general dentist.

-Randy F

I was a bit skeptical at first having been a long time patient of Dr. Patner, but Dr. Kuramoto has alleviated all my fears! She is a consummate professional as well as her staff! I couldn’t be more pleased to say she is a wonderful dentist and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, caring and compassionate dental professional! I feel confident she is providing me with the best care for my difficult situation – thank you Doctor K!

-Angela Rivera

Dr. Kuramoto’s service was excellent. Like most people the dentist is typically the last place where I want to be, but after my visit with Dr. Kuramoto and her staff I can honestly say I am looking forward to my next cleaning and I am disappointed that it will take 6 months. If you are at all afraid or uncomfortable with dentists then I highly recommend calling Dr. Kuramoto’s office and scheduling an appointment.

-David Roberts

Dr. Kuramoto takes dentistry to the next level with innovative and a very high level of service! I have been impressed with the personal and caring level of service. The more I work with Dr. Kuramoto and her staff, the more I am impressed! Very thorough, excellent knowledge base. EXTREMELY gentle cleaning techniques… at the same time very complete! The best Dental experience I’ve had!!!!

-Michael Brown

In 20 years of having dentures this is the first time I’m 100% perfectly satisfied with my teeth. Dr. Kuramoto is fast and extremely concerned with how I felt. Her work is nothing short of perfection. I have found a dentist for life!

-Jody Scola

Dr. Thomas Ogawa was recommended to me by Dr. Yoko Kuramoto to perform a crown lengthening. I found Dr. Ogawa to be very kind and understanding of my anxiety problem yet very professional. His knowledge was so evident in the way he explained the procedure, and his expertise showed in the way he executed the procedure.

-Nancy Malaspina

Typically I hate the dentist, because no matter what I get done I always hurt! After going to see Dr. Kuramoto, I was pleasantly surprised. She is very gentle and I wasn’t in pain at all. I always, always take pain meds before going and I didn’t this time just to try out and she was amazing! I will recommend to my friends and family to see her! I will for sure be back! THANK YOU!

-Cathy Wong-Sanders

My previous dentist has retired and Dr. Kuramoto has taken over the practice. I am pleased to say that my experiences with my “new” dentist has been fantastic. I have had my teeth cleaned and had a cavity fixed by Dr. Kuramoto. Her and her staff are excellent.

-Steve Simontacchi

Dr. Ogawa was very knowledgable and thorough in explaining the procedure that he was about to undertake. He was gentle and alleviated the pain quickly and effeciently without causing any additional pain. Very pleasant!

-Dorothy Pacini

They have a great practice and everyone is kind and easy going. This is also a very child friendly facility.

-Justin Schreiner

My experience to Dr. Kuramoto's dental office was a delightful and exciting.
First, I was impressed at how bright and spacious the office was. In the past I visited dental offices that were dark and had only small windows where hardly any sunlight comes in. However, Dr. Kuramoto's dental office was very open and bright which made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Second, Dr. Kuramoto described and explained to me in detail what problems and advantages I have in my dental hygiene. I was excited to know that I was taking good care of my teeth and also to learn that I need to work on problem areas.

Overall I was excited to learn new things about taking care of my teeth and after leaving the office I felt good about myself. I want to thank Dr. Kuramoto and her assistants for the great experience.

-Roy Kim

I have been a patient of Dr. Thomas ogawa for over 25 years. As a dentist, Dr. Ogawa combines professional skill with great attention to detail, understanding the needs of the patient, their safety, and compassion for them as well. He has a very friendly manner and treats each patient as though they were a close friend or a family member. He has a great sense of humor and will usually have you laughing before long, even though you came to see him for help with your teeth. He is not the kind of dentist who will go prospecting in your mouth, looking to recommend expensive procedures that may be unnecessary. In fact, Dr. Ogawa spends at least two weeks every year in remote villages in Central America, on a mission to bring basic free dental care to the poor. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ogawa to anyone who needs a good dentist who cares about his patients, and will take care of their dental problems.

-Kevin Thomas

For as long as I can remember my husband Bill was reluctant to smile as he did not like how his teeth looked to him and to others. All that changed after Dr. Kuramoto encouraged him to go through a two year treatment plan that involved placing braces, implants and crowns. The results are wonderful! He now has an incredible smile and I notice him smiling a lot more now. Thank you Dr. Kuramoto for making this happen!

-Alberta Aldinger